Pärnu Hunting and Fishing Fair and Pärnu Bay Pikeperch 2017

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Sauga River on the verge of Pärnu City is full of mysterious places that are yet to be discovered!

Small craft harbour with the Fishing Village accommodation centre which is located approximately 2 km from the mouth of Pärnu River on a picturesque riverbank is just made for genuine discoveries!
To get there, you need to take the correct round on the new Pärnu roundabout on Tallinn-Lihula road and exit by turning towards Pärnu airport.

On 28-29 July this year the administrator of the complex shall, in cooperation with good partners from Pärnu County Hunters’ Association, Estonian Hunters’ Society and the best specialists amongst recreational fishermen, organise the first Estonian Hunting and Fishing Fair and the fishing contest Pärnu Pay Pikeperch.
Accordingly to a fair, we will introduce the innovations and novel products encountered in the areas, present the diverse opportunities of all the related areas such as hiking, maritime, cooking etc and in addition to previous, everything connected with the hobbies and leisure activities of an active person.
Different watercrafts can be tested on Sauga River and also purchased. A tent with fascinating workshops is opened for big and small ones, for instance we teach how to make knots and apply gillnets. In addition, the fair encompasses children’s area, handicraft and catering area.
Varied cultural programme on two days!
Within the days of the fair, fishing competition Pärnu Bay Pikeperch 2017 takes place already for the second time on 29 July.

Access to the entire area of the fair is free of charge. Two areas have been allocated for parking and there is room for up to 250 vehicles in total. The fair area lies on 50 000 m2, where up to 120 exponents and up to 10 000 visitors expected. The fair is open on Friday from 12.00 – 20.00 and on Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00.

Additional information about Pärnu Hunting and Fishing Fair and Pärnu Bay Pikeperch 2017 is available on the website www.parnumessid.ee

Fishing Village – Uus-Sauga 62 Pärnu 80033
HANDICRAFT AREA – owe are expecting craftsmen: troll line masters, taxidermists, tanners, forgers, basket weavers ect.

CHILDREN’S AREA – where our smallest ones will find things to. There is also a tent open with WORKSHOPS, where there are lots of activities for children and young people. Children can catch fish on the berth of Sauga harbour and it is possible to rent boats.

CATERING AREA takes care that the visitors are fed well. Local fish and game can be tasted. Smoked fish comes straight from the oven and fish soup is boiled above fire.

SHIPBUILDING WORKSHOP – Estonian Vikings presents: Let’s make a canoe in a couple of hours!
The media plan foresees broadcasting in the following media channels: print, outdoor, web and social media.

The biggest media partners are Maa Elu, Kalale (www.kalale.ee), Eesti Jahimees. Media cooperation with the exponents. An introductory advertising video shall be made of the event with a summarising video and pictures after the fair.